Sim racing steering wheel, out of smartphone

Last updated on 25-02-22

 Steering wheel only in this image
Steering wheel only in this image

Hello everyone!!! I hope you did enjoy my last article about how to make the h shifter. this new one is now about making a sim racing Steering wheel!!!

Now before I begin, I will redirect you to my other article about the software you do have to download, both on your pc and your smartphone, so before you continue on this article please do go over there.

First I will like to list the materials:

1. The same coroplast blank sign plastic that we used for the shifter

  1. Ply wood
  2. Red pvc, you can find this pvc at Lowes or Home depot, it is the only red pvc, and it is not thick.
  3. Hot glue
  4. Super glue

The first thing that we are going is make the case that the smart phone will actually go in to. For this I will not give you specific measurements because the measurements of the Case will always depend on the phone you use, I personally used an iphone 11, here is a picture of the case so you kinda have an idea of what it looks like and the you can adapt the size to your smart phone

Next we will cut a piece Ply wood to the same diameter of the phone case, remember the diameter of the case and the ply wood will depend on your smartphone size and you have the liberty of adjusting it. Here is a picture of the ply wood that I attached to the back of the phone case.

Next lets talk about the handles. The handles, they are 3d printed (OBVIOSLY) here is a picture of the 3d model, and then the printed version.

Here is my thingiverse file (Btw, I do recommend that you do use cura slicer, or pursa slicer)

3d models.

Now when you have the handles 3d printed, go ahead and get your super glue the handles to the sides of the phone case. Oh one thing that I almost forgot, if you look back at the picture of the wood panel on the back of the phone case there is a little cylinder, that is for attaching the wheel to the wheel base, here is the picture of the 3d model.

The actual 3d model is also in the thingiverse file just above.

So, once you have the Steering wheel connection printed, go ahead and look for a strait piece of wood and put it on the wood that you cut for the back of the phone case, make sure you align it with the bottom left corner and then for the top right corner, then draw a line from corner to corner, then do the same for the other two corners, and then were the two lines meet up that is the center of the piece of wood on the phone case.

Now once you have the lines and the Steering wheel connection, try to eyeball the connection to the center and make sure that the two holes on the side of the connection are facing vertical or horizontal, it is most preferable for it to be horizontal and that's the way I did it but you can do it which ever of those two way you'd like. And then just super glue it on.