Sim racing Resources

Hello. Here are some other web sites and you could also use and that I personally liked, and sort of used some design ideas for my own products. Also please keep in mind that my whole desire of this website and these guides, is to prove that sim racing does not have to be all that expensive, so enjoy!!!

So here is the first one that I personally used for my pedals and I might be putting a more detailed guide for these pedals because I did not document the whole prosses. E-Sim Racing Pedals : 3 Steps - Instructables

Here is the second one. This is were I got the idea to use a usb encoder for the shifter components, and I have to say its a great way to build a shifter and its working till this day. please visit the guides page to learn how to build my shifter.

This is all so far, very soon I will add more articles, links, and videos for you all to enjoy!!!