How to turn your phone into a mouse pad and game controler

Last updated on 01-03-22

 The app being used on the phone is the one we will be using
The app being used on the phone is the one we will be using

Hello everyone!!! This is going to be a detailed guide on how to use your smartphone as a mouse pad, game controller and, a Steering wheel.

Btw the last article was about how to build the steering wheel now this is how it works!!!

The things you will need.

  1. A smartphone, please do make sure that it has a gyroscope
  2. a laptop or pc, with Windows 10 or 11

First things first, make sure your phone and your pc are connected on your same network. Next we are going to install the app on the pc.

To install, first go to this web site and download the latest version of Pc remote receiver Once your at the web site you will see this, click the download button.

Once you have it installed on your computer, let go to your smart phone.

When you get on your Android playstore or ios Appstore, type in (Pc remote)

Then look for the right app which is the following.

Once you have both of these apps downloaded, we are going to go to the phone and this is what its going to look like.

You are going to click the connect button, and when you click it you are going to see this. And under local computer your computer should show up (keep in mind that you do have to be on the same network as your computer) Once your computer shows up and when you connect it you are done connecting and on this page were it says touchpad you can use it as a mouse pad, but if you look were at says layouts there we can use this app as different types of controllers including the steering wheel, so lets go to that page.

So this is what your going to see in that page, we are going to go ahead and press the one that says forza horizon, and when we do it will take you here.

we are going to click on the switch on the steering wheel, and then when you turn your phone left and right you will see it turn!! And now all thats left is to map it in to which ever game you are playing, now for a more comfortable experience, please do consider going to my other article and following the instructions to build the steering wheel.

I hope you did enjoy this article!!!!!

until next time, happy gaming!!!!!!!